Saeed Ajmal Banned From International Cricket

this is perhaps the saddest new for Pakistani cricket fans of this year that International Cricket council has banned World's no. 1 spinner Saeed Ajmal from playing International cricket by declaring his bowling action illegal.

Recently bowling action  test of Saeed Ajmal was taken by ICC in Australia after Sri Lankan umpires declared his action suspicious during Pakistan Sri Lanka test match and now the report of test has come according to which his action is not legal.

test says that all deliveries of of Ajmal Including Dosra exceeded 15 degrees of tolerance and this is why he is banned from bowling in International cricket till he changes his action.

Ajmal also has a chance to appeal against the decision within next 15 days. Ajmal can also apply for a re-assessment at any time and If he will be able to bowl within 15 degrees then he will be allowed to play International Cricket again.

This decision of ICC has came at a time when Cricket World Cup 2014 is just around the corner and without Saeed Ajmal Pakistani bowling will become much weaker.

Pakistani fans are angry with the decision of ICC and declaring it a conspiracy of big three against Pakistan. One Pakistan fan wrote on Facebook "Our batsmen can't face Saeed Ajmal so lets ban him before World Cup".
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