7 Most Important Players In FIFA World Cup 2014

Ok we are now just 2 days away from starting of FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil that is biggest Soccer event that is organized after every 4 years. Last time It taken place in 2010 and now again in 2014. WC will continue from 12th June to 13th July 2014. Total 64 matches will be played. 32 Teams are divided into 8 Groups. Many big and Important Players will be in action during WC.

Here are some of the most Important players in WC:

1 Cristiano Ronaldo: he is captain of Portugal Football team and one of the most popular and talented footballer of present time. His role will be very crucial. In last world cup he was able to take his team to Semi Final by showing good performance.

2 Lionel Messi: which football fan of the world not knows about this great name and the skills which he got. Messi is captain of Argentina. This time Argentina has got a strong squad for WC and if Messi performed well Argentina has high chances of winning the Cup.

3 Neymar: Brazil has failed to perform well in last two World Cups. this time they are hosting the Cup so their fans would be expecting victory this time. Most of eyes will be on performance of young Neymar.

4 Andres Iniesta: he is a great Striker of Spain who also scored goal in Final of FIFA world cup 2010. this time Spain will be depending on him greatly to retain the WC.

5 Andrea Pirlo: the great Pirlo is going to play last Tournament of his career after which he will retire from International Football. He would be looking to make this WC historic by doing something special for his team.

6 Arjen Robben: the performance of Robben was outstanding in FIFA World Cup 2010 but he failed to score goal in the final. This time Netherlands will be again depending on him very much. he plays wonderfully with the ball with his left foot.

7 Wayne Rooney: 28 years old Rooney plays as forward for England and he is most rated player In England squad. Lots of hope of English are with him if England wants to win this Cup.

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