Najam Sethi Becomes PCB Chairman Again After Supreme Court Orders

So the musical chairs of Pakistan Cricket board chairmanship continues between Zaka Ashraf and Najam Sethi as Pakistan's highest court Supreme Court of Pakistan reinstated Najam sethi as PCB chairman on Wednesday morning. just 4 days ago Islamabad High court suspended Najam Sethi and made Zaka Ashraf as chairman of PCB and now Supreme court has given the reverse verdict. 3 bench member given verdict in favor of Sethi that was headed by  Justice Anwar Zaheer.

In February Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif sacked Zaka Ashraf and appointed Sethi as Chairman. Involvement of politics into Pakistan Cricket is badly damaging the sports at a crucial time when big tournament of Cricket World Cup 2015 is 7 months away. present crises started back in May 2013 when Zaka Ashraf was suspended by Islamabad High Court for electing himself as Chairman for the second term by a  dubious election process.

Now as Sethi is back on orders of Supreme Court so High court can not remove him once again so he should concentrate on Important matters of Pakistan Cricket. New Coaches are yet to be appointed who will work with the players to overcome their weaknesses.

Waqar Younas will be head coach of Pakistani team while Grant flower will be batting coach. Flower will work with Pakistani team for 2 years.
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