Aamir Sohail Blames Imran Khan For Damage of Pakistan Cricket

At a time when Pakistan Cricket team is facing strong criticism from former Cricketers for losing all three matches of Champions trophy former Pakistani opening Batsman Aamir Sohail has launched an attack on former Pakistani captain Imran Khan and blamed him for current situation of Pakistani cricket specially the batting department. In Captaincy of Imran Khan Pakistan became World Champion in 1992 and Aamir Sohail was part of that time as a Batsman.

According to Aamir Sohail former captain Imran Khan promoted ball tampering in fast bowlers during his time and this is the reason that Pakistan is not able to produce good new ball bowlers and opening Batsmen who can give good performances with a new ball.

this is not the first time that Aamir Sohail has spoken against Imran Khan but we also seen many statements from him against Imran in the past. Aamir Sohail and Imran Khan played together in 1992 world cup for Pakistan which Pakistani team won. but it is not clear how and when differences started between them?

Some people claims that Aamir Sohail wants to become new chairman of PCB by criticizing Imran Khan and impressing Imran's political opponent Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and this recent statement was also made due to same reason.  PCB's current Chairman Zaka Ashraf is stopped from doing his job by Islamabad high court because Zaka Ashraf reelected himself as PCB Chairman through a controversial way.

It is also needs to be noted that Aamir Sohail is currently part of Political party Pakistan Muslim League N that is political opponent of Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek Insaf.

In the past Aamir Sohail also given statements against other Pakistani Cricketers. after 2011 World cup final he criticized captain of that time Shahid Khan Afridi. in response Afridi given statements against Aamir.

only time will tell if Aamir Sohail really gets the post of Pakistan Cricket board Chairman by these allegations on Imran Khan or all his statements will go in vain and will only increase his enemies?

Aamir Sohail should also clarify with more details that how Imran Khan promoted ball tampering and how it is impacting Pakistan cricket today almost two decades after the retirement of Imran Khan from International Cricket.
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