5 Cricketers about whom I was crazy as a Child

I was born in 1989 and i was in my childhood during the 90s. i have been a crazy cricket fan since my childhood. in 90s no specific Cricket team was dominating the International cricket. this is why three different cricket teams won the World Cups in the decade of 90s. in 90s many great cricketers were witnessed in the International Cricket. there were some Cricketers about whom i was very very crazy as a child. i always tried to follow them. make hairstyles like them. tried to bowl and bat like them.

Here is list of some of these cricketers:

Shahid Khan Afridi: Shahid Afridi made his debut in 1996 and since his debut when he scored fastest cricket century on just 37 balls he has been darling of millions of people around the world. Even i was crazy about Shahid Afridi as a child. His big sixes always made me crazy. recently Afridi broken record of most sixes in International Cricket. He is also a very good spinner.

Shoaib Akhtar: Shoaib Akhtar is the fastest bowler which ever played the game of Cricket. Akhtar was also inspiration of millions of youngsters early from start of his career. The way he used to run and ball quickly made me love him. however he could have achieved much more by staying away from controversies and scandals.

Shane Warne: Shane Warne was one of the best Australian Spinner that world of cricket ever produced.  i was also his great fan as a kid. 43 years old Warne got 708 test wickets in 145 test matches that he played.

Wasim Akram: Wasim Akram is known as King of swing in bowling. i still remember his swing bowling and great yorkers to Batsmen. not only his teammates but his opponents also calls him one of the best bowler cricket ever produced. Wasim was also a good captain who taken Pakistan to final in 1999 World Cup but unfortunately Pakistan lost the final.

Brian Lara: I was also a big fan in childhood of this left handed West Indian legend who played many great innings. i can never forget his inning of 400 runs in a test match. Legend Lara scored 11,953 runs in just 131 test matches for West Indies. In ODIs he made 10,405 runs.
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