Former Cricketer Imran Khan Fails To Become Prime Minister of Pakistan

General Elections taken place in Pakistan last week on 11th May. the special thing about these elections were that Former Pakistani Legend Cricketer Imran Khan who also won World Cup For Pakistan also taken part in these elections. There were lot of hopes that Imran Khan's party PTI will be able to win elections this time and Imran Khan will be next prime minister of Pakistan.

But it not became the reality and Imran Khan lost the elections. Nawaz Sharif's party was able to win the elections and he will be next Prime minister of Pakistan.

however Imran Khan's party was able to form Government in one province of Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. His party also got 30 seats in National assembly.

before elections everyone was hoping that Imran Khan who won World Cup for Pakistan will now change the Pakistan and bring it on path of progress after becoming prime minister.
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