Sachin Tendulkar Turns 40

One of the best Cricketer ever born Sachin Tendulkar has turned 40 years old on Wednesday 24th April 2013 and there are still no signs of his retirement from Cricket which shows his class. Sachin Tendulkar's career was full of great performances and records.

Sachin was born on 24 April 1973 In Mumbai and made his International Cricket test debut on 15 November 1989 against Pakistan. He made his ODI Debut on 18 December 1989 and that was also against Pakistan.

in 198 test matches he has scored 15,837 runs. while in 463 ODI matches he scored 18,426 runs for India.

Sachin was also the first Cricketer to score 200 runs in a ODI match which he done against Bangladesh.

During his long career he was made captain of Indian teams for two times but mostly he played under other captains.

In November 2012 Sachin taken retirement from ODI cricket but he is still playing test cricket for India.  
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