Famous Fights of Pakistan Vs India Cricket

Whenever Pakistan and India faces each other in Cricket ground it becomes a battle. Emotions and pressure gets high. we see lot of aggression by players of both sides. many a times players from both sides even comes to verbal fight with each other.

Many famous fights between players of Pakistan and India has taken place in past. Some of the famous ones are following:

Shahid Afridi Vs Gautam Gambhir fight in Kanpur ODI match:

it was one of the worst fight ever taken place between Pakistani and Indian players. Afridi and Gambhir badly abused each other after a clash when Gambhir was running to take a run while Afridi was standing on the pitch after delivering the ball.

Gautam Gambhir Vs Kamran Akmal in Asia Cup 2010:

In Asia Cup 2010 Gambhir was batting against Pakistan when Kamran Akmal made a loud appeal against him due to which Gambhir got angry and both of them were almost set to beat each other but Umpires and players separated them.

Kamran Akmal Vs Ishant Sharma in 1st T20 in December 2012.

it was the first match of Pakistan's tour to India at end of 2012. Pakistan was chasing the target set by India. after bowling Ishant Sharma abused Kamran Akmal which made him angry and both came face to face for verbal attack.

Harbhajan Singh vs Shoaib Akhtar in 2010 ODI:

it was a ODI match of Asia Cup 2010 between Pakistan and India. India was chasing the target set by Pakistan. When Harbhajan Singh came to bat Shoaib Akhtar made him angry by raising voices at him. Harbhajan got angry by this.

Javed Miandad vs Kiran More in 1992 World cup.

Pakistan and India were facing each other in a Important match of Cricket World Cup 1992. Javed Miandad was on the strike for batting. Indian wicket keeper Kiran More was making noises which irritated Miandad. Miandad jumped in the air to respond him.

Aamir Sohail and Venkatesh Prasad in 1996 World cup.

In the Quarterfinal of 1996 World Cup Aamir Sohail hit Venkatesh Prasad for a boundary and then pointed the bat towards that position which made Prasad angry. the very next bowl Prasad bowled Aamir Sohail and pointed his arm towards dressing room.

these were some of the most famous and interesting cricket fights of Pakistan and India Cricket. whenever these two nations faces each other the aggression comes in naturally.
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