The Rise of Pakistan Cricket After Humiliation

Pakistan cricket team was humiliated in 2010 during her tour to England. During this series, many things happened, three of the Pakistani cricketers were charged with bribery and illegal activities, and these players were forbidden by international cricket council to play cricket at any level for five years. Salman butt, Muhammad amir and Muhammad asif were imprisoned for some duration of time.

Muhammad amir was the only player who was sent to rehabilitation center i.e. the jail for kids for 6 months after the charges were proven against him. He is now set free but he cannot play cricket for next five years.

Though Pakistan cricket board has announced that it will give Muhammad amir a chance to play with Pakistan when his term is over.

From that tournament and humiliation, Pakistan team raised itself like a glorious warrior and then every series they played, they won it with glory. This glory continued and reached its peak when recently Pakistan team has white washed England team in test series. This was the biggest success for Pakistan cricket because not only world but Australia also thanked Pakistan for this historical winning.

England lost not only her pride but also the number one position in this series in test ranking. They also lost 176000 dollars which were to be given to the team who maintains its first position or takes the first position in test ranking. So England also lost this prize money.

Pakistan team earned not only respect, praise and honor after this series but also their test ranking was improved, in this series, saeed ajmal the famous blower who bowls doosra; introduced a new bowling technique teesra. This young man was once praised by the English media but as soon as he got his first 10 wickets in first test of the series, English media as usual, started bombardment. They targeted him saying that his bowling action was objectionable and incorrect.

In the same series, Saeed ajmal got his 100 wickets in fewest tests and made a world record. Also, in the same series English team scored lowest total against any team. Pakistan also made a record by becoming first Asian team to defeat English team on its soil.

Overall performance of Pakistan cricket team was awesome and praise worthy. But our tea, surely lack some skills in bating. But the captaincy and the team spirit made it possible for us to win this big battle so easily. Not only a great win but also world saw that our team has best set of bowlers who are proven desasters for any team.
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