Cricket Umpire Asad Rauf Scandal With a Indian Model

Controversies in Cricket are very common now a days. Most of the times Players are involved in these Controversies but sometimes other Officials like Umpires also not stays behind. ICC international Cricket Umpire from Pakistan Asad Rauf is in news now days for his scandal with a unpopular Indian Model Leena Kapoor.

Indian Model Leena Kapoor has claimed that 56 years old Pakistani Umpire Asad Rauf kept relationship with her and also promised to marry her but later on he moved from his promise. Leena said that Asad Rauf was in relationship with her from last 6 months and they met many times in different places.

Asad Rauf has denied the allegations of Leena and claimed that Leena Kapoor is doing it to get easy fame.
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