MI Mumbai Vs DD Delhi IPL T20 16th April 2012

Fifth exciting season of Indian Premier League IPL is underway and amazing matches are taking place everyday. So Far Pune is topping the charts by winning 3 out of 4 four matches while Mumbai is on second place in Rankings who also won 3 matches of out of 4.

Tomorrow on Monday 16th April 2012 Mumbai Indians will take on Delhi Daredevils in Mumbai Stadium at 7:30 PM. It is a important match for Delhi which is on third place in Rankings by winning 2 matches out of 3.

It will be important for Delhi that how their Batsmen performs in tomorrow's match because Mumbai is one of the best team in IPL 5 and beating them is not easy. So far Mumbai and Delhi has faced each other 8 times in IPL in which 5 times Mumbai won and 3 times Delhi got the victory.
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