Shahrukh Khan Gives Statement Against Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly remained Captain of Shahrukh Khan's IPL Team Kolkata Knight Riders for first three sessions of IPL and during all these three sessions KKR was not able to perform well and lost most of the match.

Before 4th session of IPL Shahrukh Khan decided to throw Sourav Ganguly out of his team and made Gautam Gambhir  new captain.

in 4th Session Kolkata Knight Riders performed well and until now its in Top 4 teams on points table.  Today Shahrukh Khan targeted Ex-Captain of his team Sourav Ganguly by saying that KKR is performing well without Ganguly.  Shahrukh's statement has came at a time when Sourav Ganguly has joined another IPL team Pune.
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