India Vs Pakistan Semi Final The Biggest Cricket Game of The Decade

More than one billion people in India, Pakistan and around the World are waiting with lot of excitement for the biggest Cricket game of this decade that is going to take place between India and Pakistan on Wednesday 30th March 2011 in Mohali India. It will be the Semi Final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

Pakistan Cricket team has arrived in India Yesterday and today it will do Practice at Mohali Cricket Stadium. People from both sides of the border are expecting noting less than a win against the historic rivals.

Even on Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter the discussion about this Game is hot.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has also invited Pakistani President Zardari to come and watch this match which will make this game even more bigger. The team which will handle the pressure well on the big day will win this big contest. India's power is its batting while Pakistan's power is its bowling.
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