World Cup Is Good Chance For Pakistan To Overcome Scandals & Tragedies

After last Cricket World Cup 2007 last four years have proved to be really tough for the Pakistani Cricket. Many Scandals and  Tragedies strongly effected the Pakistani Cricket which taken down the performance of Pakistan and it lost many Series. After death of Coach Bob Woolmer in 2007 World Cup in last 4 Years these big incidents effected Pakistani Cricket.

Sri Lankan Cricket Team was attacked in 2008 in Lahore which vanished the International Cricket from Pakistan. in 2010 three Pakistani Players where found involve in Spot Fixing which badly damaged Image of Pakistani Cricket. Pakistan also lost many series during last 4 years.

The Only good thing which happened in Pakistan Cricket was winning the T20 World Cup in 2009.

Now Pakistani Cricket has good another chance to Overcame  Scandals &  Tragedies in shape of World Cup. If Pakistan Shows Good performance in World Cup 2011 everyone will forget old Scandals.
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