India VS New Zealand 1st Test 4 November 2010

Recently India won Test and ODI Series from on of the best team Australia at home and retained its first Ranking in Tests. Another Good Team New Zealand recently lost 5 Match ODI Series from a poor team like Bangladesh by 4-0 and now these two teams India and New Zealand are going to face each other in India in three Match test series. Tomorrow on Thursday 4th November 2010 1st Test Match between India and New Zealand will take place in Ahmedabad at 04:00 AM GMT.  Indians are no doubt Favourites for winning this Home test series. their confidence will also be high as they beaten Australians recently in Test series. on other hand New Zealand will be under pressure because it lost to Bangladesh in ODI series and now it has to face tough team like India in its home. However New Zealand is able to do upset as well which we have seen many times in history.
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