Yorkshire Ends Deal With Muhammad Aamer

From the day Three Pakistani Players Muhamamd Asif, Salman Butt and Muhammad Aamer have caught in Spot Fixing Cricket Scandal from that days bad news after bad news are coming for these players. First they where thrown out of the team after that they where suspended from the ICC. Later on Many Companies ended Agreements from these players and now there is another bad news for Young Fast Bowler Muhammad Aamer that Yorkshire county has announced to not do deal with Aamer about which they where thinking before due to Spot Fixing Scandal.  Muhammad Aamer is only 18 years old and withing one year he become Favourite of Millions due to his amazing bowling in International Matches. But all the Respect, Awards, Agreements ended due to his Spot Fixing Scandal.  All the three Players Asif Aamer and Salman has reached Pakistan to Celebrate the Eid but they can be called back by Scotland Yard for more Investigation.
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