Waqar Younis Dispute With Abdul Razzaq Before Second ODI

Pakistan Cricket Team that is already under lot of pressure due to recent match spot fixing scandal of some of its cricketers and continues poor performance is now facing more problems.  Pakistani Cricket is having lot of problems and disputes within itself. We Already knew that there is Groupism in Pakistan and many players are enemies of each other. The Recent example of internal disputes of Pakistani Cricket is dispute between Pakistani Team Coach Waqar Younis and All Rounder Abdul Razzaq. According to sources the dispute taken place because Abdul Razzaq wanted to play in Second ODI With England while Coach Waqar Younis was not ready to include him in the team.  Abdul Razzaq insisted that he is not having any Fitness problems so he must be included in the team. Coach Waqar Younis told him in anger that it is work of Team Management to decide that which players will play in the team.  Later on Abdul Razzaq also talked with Captain Shahid Afridi on this issue but Afridi also supported Point of view of Coach Waqar Younis.
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