Aamer Asif Butt Will Not Play Against England

From last six days we are just listening news about Match Fixing and Spot Fixing From the Cricket World and the players that are under investigation for these allegations are Muhammad Asif, Salman Butt and Muhammad Aamer of Pakistani Team.

Scotland Yard is continuing its Investigation on this issue and it will give its report very soon after which it will be known that are these players really involved in Spot Fixing or not? 

Now Aamer Asif and Salman But has withdrawn their names from the T20 and ODI Series against England that will be starting from the 5th of September. These players have themselves withdrawn their names while they are not dropped.

The reason these players Withdrawn their names is the massive pressure and tension due to which they can,t perform well According to Sources ICC pressure was also on PCB that these players must not play under they comes clean from the Investigation that is going on. 
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