Indian Board Rejects Umpire Review system in Cricket

Indian Cricket Board has said that Umpire Review system in Cricket is not good and it must be ended.  Indian Cricket Board Chairman has said that we have talked to ICC about Umpire Review system and we think it is not a Suitable system so we want ICC to end it from Cricket Matches.

He said if Umpire can do a mistake there also chances of mistake in this system. He said taking decision about LBW and Way of Bowl is really difficult.

Umpire Review system is recently introduced in the Cricket in which a Player can go for Review to Third Umpire on decision of Umpire in Ground.

This system is also used in ongoing Pakistan England Test Series. This system is also very Expensive and takes Millions of Rupees in one match. Some Cricket Boards including Indian Cricket Board are against this system while Some Boards are supporting it.
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