Spain Wins FIFA World Cup 2010 by Beating Netherlands

Yesterday on Monday 11 July 2010 the biggest day of biggest Sports event the Final of FIFA World Cup 2010 took place between Spain and Netherlands in Johannesburg that is also known as Soccer City. In the Final Spain defeated Netherlands by 1-0 and won the World Cup for the first time ever. Both the teams where not able to do any Goal in 90 Minutes after which Extra 30 minutes where given. Andres Iniesta of Spain gone the only Goal of the match in 116th Minute of the match and won the World Cup for Spain. It was first time when Spain reached the Final and they won the World cup on other hand Netherlands have reached Final three times but they are not able to win a single World Cup. 14 Yellow Cards and 1 Red Card was also given during the match for doing Fouls to players that is also a record. After winning the match Spanish people danced on roads to enjoy the moment while Netherlands people where really sad on their defeat.
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