FIFA World Cup Final Spain vs Netherlands on 11 July 2010

Today it is the final day of biggest Sports Event FIFA World Cup 2010 that takes place after every four years and Millions of people around the world enjoys it live and on TV Channels. FIFA World Cup 2010 continued for one month and 64 matches where played during these 30 days. Today Final of FIFA World Cup 2010 is going to take place between Spain and Netherlands in Johannesburg. Both the teams have never won FIFA World Cup before and today we are going to have a Champion that never picked FIFA World Cup Trophy in the past. Netherlands reached Final twice in the history but lost both the times while Spain has reached the Final for the first time. Most of the Football Experts are declaring Spain the Favourite team for winning this World Cup but Netherlands is also not a bad team and can defeat Spain. Lets see who picks up the Trophy of FIFA World Cup 2010 today?
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