SA vs Mexico - Uruguay vs France FIFA World Cup Matches on 11th June

Today on Friday 11th June 2010 the biggest Sports Event FIFA World Cup 2010 is starting in South Africa. Millions of people around the globe are waiting for FIFA World Cup 2010 to kick off. few hours are left from now for FIFA World Cup 2010 to start.

This event will continue for one month from 11th June 2010 to 11th July 2010. there are 32 teams in 8 Groups that are taking part in World Cup. Today on 11th June 2010 on first day two FIFA World Cup matches will be played. in the opening match the host country South Africa will be facing the Mexico.

Mexico is a better team than South Africa. in second match of today France will take on Uruguay. France is Favourite to win this match. so get ready for entertainment of FIFA World Cup 2010 for one month from today.
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