FIFA World Cup 2010 vs Asia Cup 2010

As we know that Biggest Sports Event FIFA World Cup 2010 has started from 11th of June 2010 in South Africa and millions of people around the Globe are watching it with Excitement. on the other hand a big Cricket Tournament Asia Cup between Asian Teams is also going to start from 15th of June in which old rivals Pakistan and India will also face each other. Now it has become FIFA World Cup 2010 vs Asia Cup 2010. according to media reports in Marketing FIFA World Cup easily outsmarts Asia Cup cricket which means more people are prefers to watch FIFA World Cup over Asia Cup. Pakistani Captain Shahid Afridi also said that FIFA World Cup is a big event and loved by millions of people but we hope that people will also follow Asia Cup after watching FIFA World Cup matches of 90 minutes. Lets see in Football vs Cricket which sports wins the war in upcoming days.
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