Pakistani People Shocked & Sad on Pakistan's Defeat in Semi Final

Yesterday in second Semi Final of T20 World cup 2010 when Pakistan set a great total of 191 runs in 20 overs and also got Early wickets of Australian openers David Warner and Shane Watson Pakistani People where really happy and started dancing on roads of Lahore.

Australian wickets kept on falling and People's joy kept on increasing thinking that now Pakistan's win is very near but suddenly Australian batsman Micheal Hussay changed the game by making 60 runs on 24 balls which resulted in win of Australia and Defeat of Pakistan.

This Defeat came as a shock a sadness for people of Pakistan and all the dances and enjoyment was stopped. i myself was not able to sleep yesterday night on Pakistan's sudden defeat.

We will have to admit that Micheal Hussay played a extraordinary innings to defeat Pakistan which we don,t see usually. After yesterday's match this statement also once again proved correct that anything can happen in Cricket and we cannot say who will win until the last ball is bowled.
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