Imran Khan also supports Shahid Afridi

Former Legend Cricketer and Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team Imran Khan is also Supporting Shahid Khan Afridi and thinks that it is a good decision to make him Captain for the Pakistani team in the long run. Imran Khan said that Shahid Adridi has the ability to stabilize the team at this situation.

Imran Khan said that we should make Afridi Captain for a longer period and don,t change Captains again and again. He said one of the secret of Australian success is that they don,t change Captains again and again. Imran Khan also said that a good Captain always has these three Qualities.

He is brave, can handle pressure and have respect in team. He said Afridi has all these Qualities so i think he is a good choice as captain. another former Fast bowler of Pakistan Wasim Akram also thinks that making Afridi as captain is a good decision.
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