Important Points about T20 WC Super Eight Round

Are two victories enough to qualify for Semi Finals?
Two victories are usually enough but sometimes they are not, Don't forget that South Africa could not qualify despite the fact that they won two matches in Super Eight of 2007 WC.

If the Scenario is:

i) England loses all Matches.
ii) New Zealand beats Pakistan
iii) Pakistan beats South Africa
iv) South Africa beats New Zealand

If it happens then 3 teams would be tied on 4 points each and again NRR will join the party. So Pakistan must look to win all the matches because rain can also spoil the party, Even if Pakistan is losing some match still they would have keep the NRR in mind.

Only one victory can be enough to qualify for Semi Finals!

Yeah, a team can qualify by only winning one match. If the scenario is:

i) Pakistan wins all matches
ii) South Africa beats England
iii) England beats New Zealand
iv) New Zealand beats South Africa

In this case, Pakistan will qualify straight away whereas three other teams would be tied on 2 points each and a team with better NRR would progress to Semi Final.

Matches to Watch!

10th May would be most important day for this Group. Pakistan will take on SA and England will take on NZ. I have a feeling that almost 80% of the result of this group would be decided on this day. NZ and England will have advantage as they would be playing last match so if NRR comes into play, they would be knowing what to do and what not to do.
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