Ijazz Butt may be removed next week - Yousaf denies to comeback

According to Sources the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board Ijaz Butt maybe removed by President of Pakistan Asif Zardari next month. According to sources Asif Zardari is unhappy on controversies that are going on Pakistani Cricket and the complaints that he is receiving against Ijaz Butt.

Ijazz Butt is a close friend of Asif Zardari but Zardari is not happy on Condition of Pakistani Cricket and how Ijaz Butt is running the Cricket Board. So wait for next month to know will Zardari make changed in PCB?  on other hand Former Pakistani Cricket Muhammad Yousaf has denied to comeback in Pakistani Team for England Tour.

He has even denied request of Pakistani Captain Shahid Afridi and has said that i am not mentally prepare to comeback in the team. Muhammad Yousaf is unhappy on the behaviour of PCB and some players in the team.
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