Ban on Shoaib Malik lifted by PCB

Pakistan Cricket Board has lifted the ban on former Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Shoaib Malik today and he will be able to play in Asia Cup 2010 starting from 15th of June. Earlier this year Shoaib Malik was banned for one year and fined along with some other Pakistani Players for violation of the discipline in the team. Ban on Shaoib Malik is removed after review of ban and fine by a Retire Judge.

According to some Sources some Political pressure is also involve in removing ban from Shoaib Malik. While famous Cricket Website Cricinfo has claimed that Pakistani Captain Shahid Afrid don,t want Shoaib Malik to include in the team because his presence in the team can ruin the dressing room's atmosphere. Shahid Afridi wants Selectors to keep Malik out of the team for now.
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