Shoaib Malik gets his Passport back

Former Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Shoaib Malik has got his Passport back on the order of Hyderabad Deccan High Court today morning.

All the cases against Shoaib Malik are also removed by Hyderabad High court and allowed him and Sania Mirza to go to Pakistan whenever he wants. Shoaib's passport was taken by Hyderabad Police after a case was registered against Shoaib on application of Sidiqqi family. Shoaib Malik later on divorced Ayesha Sidiqqi due to which Sidqqi family also took case against Shoaib back.

Now Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza are free to come to Pakistan. they will be coming to Pakistan in next 2,3 days for their Walima that will held in Lahore. Another news i want to share is that a  Statement of Sania Mirza was not much liked in Pakistan in which she said that i am not Bahu of Pakistan but only wife of Shoaib Malik. In Pakistan people where really excited about this marriage but this statement of Sania really hurt some people.
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