Shoaib Malik Ayesha Sidiqqi issues getting worse

The issue of Former Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Shoaib Malik marriage with Ayesha Malik has got more worse after Hyderabad Police launched FIR against Shoaib Malik on application of Siddiqi family.

Hyderabad Police has banned Shoaib Malik from leaving Hyderabad and also taken his passport and Mobile phone.

Police went to Sania Mirza house in Hyderabad and done investigation from Shoaib Malik for 1 hour. in the evening Shoaib Malik done press conference with Sania mirza in which Shoaib said i will prove myself innocent in Court and if Ayesha is right why she is not coming in front of media?

Shoaib said i will not go from India until the case is solved. Sania Mirza said Media must not do trail of Shoaib Malik until the Court gives its judgement.
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