One day to go in Third session of IPL

Just One day is left in starting of Third session of Indian Premier League. Third session of IPL is starting on 12 March 2010. Tomorrow opening ceremony of Third session of IPL will took place in Mumbai in which different Bollywood stars will also perform.

After it on 12th of March IPL will start with first match between Kolkata Knight Riders of Shahrukh Khan and Daccan Chargers in Mumbai. Daccan Chargers are the defending champions as they won last session of IPL in South Africa.

First session of IPL was won Rajhistan Royals. in last Session of IPL people missed the thing that tournament took place in South Africa but this year people will be missing Pakistani players in IPL. Players like Shahid Afridi are not playing in IPL. we hope this year's IPL will be interesting and everyone will enjoy it.
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