Gilchrist is happy with Security & Dhoni confident to win IPL

one day is left in starting of third session of Indian premier league and there is lot of excitement about it. different team owners and Players are hopping to play well and win the IPL third session. Mahnder Singh Dhoni Captian of Chenni Super Kings is very much optimistic about winning this year's IPL.

Dhoni said that we played very well in last two sessions of IPL and we are hopeful for success in this year's IPL but the guarantee of Victory cannot be given. Owner of Kolkata Knight Riders Shahrukh Khan is also hopping good performance from his team after poor performance in last years IPL. Captain of Daccan Chargers Adam Gilchrist is happy with the security provided for IPL.

First Most of foreign players where showing their reservations about coming to India due to terror threats but IPL chief Lalit Modi promised to provide full proof security due to which Australian players have come to India.
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